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  • Search for journals:
    • The search algorithm is based on text functions, so if you are looking for the New England Journal of Medicine, you can specify either the full name or the beginning of the name (“new engl”).
    • The standardized abbreviations of the journal names ("N Engl J Med") are also recognized.
    • Are looking for a specific publication, we recommend specifying PubMedID.

  • Fulltext search in the field Search terms:
    • This function finds publications containing the entered terms in the title or in the abstract.
    • Search terms that have to appear together in one publication, have to be written in separate lines.
      --> Please DO NOT leave blank lines !!!
    • The search terms are recognized exactly as entered. Alternate spellings or synonyms must be entered separately in the same line and separated by commas (",") or plus signs ("+").
      -> Please DO NOT put a comma (",") at the end of a line !!!

  • The Exclude terms field works following the same principle!

  • Selection of Publication type:
    • Tick the check boxes to find either review articles only or original papers (no review) only.
    • All results will be displayed, if no box is ticked.

  • Filtering via the Impact factor field:
    • Entering a number means that only hits from journals are shown that have an impact factor greater than or equal to the given number.
    • Examples: "2", "2.5" ("." As decimal separator).
    • For information on the impact factor, see