The following window allows searches within the database. There are two main options:
  • You can perform a traditional search by publication data using name, journal, publication year or PubMed ID number as identifiers. Or
  • You can perform a search by pre-screened content and look for specific disciplines, diseases, types of research etc.
When searching for journal names please consider that the search algorithm is based on text, i.e. if you are looking for the New England Journal of Medicine, you could either spell the whole name out or write down a part of the name (“new engl”). However, the standardized abbreviation for journal names are not recognized, i.e. if you search for “N Engl J Med” the algorithm gets confused! If you are looking for one specific publication, we suggest indicating the PubMedID.

When searching by content, after the selection of a discipline, a second pull-down menu “diseases” will appear allowing you to search the single conditions. If left blank, all findings within the specialty will appear. Searches can be further refined by definition of the type of research, species investigated and whether you are looking for reviews only.

Search options:

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