GenderMed Database - Scientific Publications

GiM Pilot Project

There is a need to rapidly and comprehensively acquire medical knowledge on the sex and gender differences in diagnosis, clinical symptoms and management.

The GenderMedDB provides you with the available publications that deal with both biological and socio-cultural sex and gender differences.

GenderMedDB has been further developed by the specialist departments of the Charité-Universitaetsmedizin Berlin "Gender in Medicine (GiM)" and the "Structural Bioinformatics Group".

An automated search in PubMed refreshes the GenderMedDB weekly.

GenderMedDB is an instrument for physicians, students, scientists, healthcare workers and those interested in dealing with gender sensitive medical literature.

It offers the possibility of performing both general publication-related searches and selected content-oriented searches.

You can enter any disease as free text and search. In order to get the complete sex- and gender-specific literature displayed, we recommend that you use the "Guide for Users" to enter the disease term to be searched for.

For questions and suggestions please contact the GenderMedDB team via e-mail
Please cite:
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GenderMedDB: an interactive database of sex and gender-specific medical literature.
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